Bulino d’ Oro 2008

After being appointed as “Technological Artisan”, the corporate spirit also reeks in the second edition of the Bulino D’oro, where in the meantime, the corporate know-how, grown and matured alongside Roland’s realities, has made other innovations possible. Such as the Optical plaque, an intrinsic and variegated conceptual system expressed through plexiglass. Silvio Galati conceptualizes the moment in which he approaches design of the plate. Indeed, it reproduces the work computer with which he operates while visiting the Mz website, an exclusive company of Signara Germinario, a late woman and entrepreneur who passed recently, to whom the second edition is dedicated. Mario Picchio Ceo of Roland is the one awarding Silvio Galati, who returns to Veglie with the second Bulino and with a new awareness, probably gained with his acquired experience, to relaunch the company with the right energy for the qualitative leap. Having put the second engraver in place, Style Design entrusts Restyling of the logo both in graphic sign and in its by now evolved essence. Gianni Mangia, artist in photography and cinematographic language, draws for Silvio and Eleonora, Bereluce: The drop of water. The experimental research starts again, in which the company will invest for three years, obtaining great innovations, including the lenticular enamel and the resin for reproducing any material.


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