BERELUCE Style Design, is a company founded in 2004, inserted in the field of Visual Communication and Advertising Graphics. Through computerized engraving and chemical experimentation, Silvio and Eleonora Galati led the company in the European departments of Visual Communication, up to the partnership with Roland Dg Mid Europe in the Saloni di Bologna Tan Expo, introducing modern engraving in the sacred sector.

Bereluce Style Design has been awarded twice with the Bulino d’Oro by Viscom Milano Fiera. In the meantime, important collaborations have become a reality, with the Chemistry Museum at the Sapienza University of Rome, where results obtained from experimental research have been made available to the university, obtaining valuable information and numerous job opportunities. After only two years, BERELUCE Style Design exported its products to Asia and America for the first time. The “Lastra Artistica”, the company’s flagship product, discovered in a fair and requested by China, is currently marketed in Hong Kong in modern architecture departments. The company has numerous patented processes, born from experimental research, and relies on the collaboration of its partners in Italy and in the world, for covering requests for any production level.

About us

BERELUCE is not just a brand, it is an idea, a process of pure creation! More precisely, it concerns “how” “this or that” becomes such! BERELUCE is also the anagram of Bruce Lee: indeed, in Taoist philosophy, the two words “Drink Light” is interpreted as the right direction towards new margins of knowledge; in the end, they may mean to point the torch towards yourself and light up. It doesn’t represent a particular style, since it uses all of them, if necessary. “You get only by taking away”: this is a typical expression of ancient oriental sages (who intended emptying themselves from riches and common goods, thus acquiring freedom from them), which BERELUCE used as the foundations of his trade, through the most ancient form of communication: engraving. In doing so, engraving the material, a part of it becomes missing, magically causing the usefulness of reading. BERELUCE is a state of life, one that refuses to prefer, one that does not leave or hold, one that does not seek and neither abandons: one that does not go, and neither remains. BERELUCE is the extra-ordinary concept of anyone who acts independently of circumstances, and never according to them; it represents the possibility of exploring new paths without however choosing a master route. BERELUCE is a registered trademark of Silvio Galati.

“When you don’t have a shape, you can have any shape; when you don’t have a style, you can have any style.”

– Bruce Lee –



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