Water effect

Rock is carved drop after drop. When the company was born in 2004, the idea was different, namely that of conceiving a small engraving enterprise, for the small market it faced. In these 10 years, BERELUCE has always faced new challenges for creating opportunities in an increasingly vast market, thanks to the Web’s exponential growth. The company has always been involved in experimental research fields for the discovery of new materials and products to be included in the market, obtaining a double result: undoubtedly, the first one is a great availability of innovative materials for processing, the second one is the ability to become simultaneously established in multiple markets. This meant that the company could expand more rapidly, seeing its owned machinery increase, which today has four numerical control machine tools, four PDLs with graphic operators, a metal melting plant, a painting and anodizing plant, and a plant modeling and printing, engraving and assembly area. The rock is carved drop after drop: the company’s mission is to progress year after year, bringing always innovative processes which are up to date with the times, introducing innovations into the market at a very low price, thanks to an entire production process which is carried out in-house.


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