Style Design 2004

On December 5th, 2004, Silvio Galati, together with his sister Eleonora, create Incisoria Galati Style Design, a small lab in the heart of Salento, precisely in Veglie. Strictly guided by good intentions and creative sprit, despite being perfectly aware of trying to start a business during a time which would soon have turned out as one of great world economic crisis, the siblings immediately decide to stand up from the masses of Italian competition, which was represented by several whole generations of craftsmen. A passion for technology and a profound respect for ancient crafts arts which are still present on the territory, allow the company to experiment works which were not aimed at the final user, but at the following step. By looking further around, the brothers quickly realize that with their little equipment they would have never been able to satisfy important business volumes, as competitiveness was not with them in both terms of time and costs. Luckily enough, quality was a constant for the firm, one which ultimately would give it some precious tools for the future. The Galati siblings successively start creating “visual communication instruments”, elaborating and implementing a brass flame warming system, something which quickly became a cliché, also due to its non-existent cost, for rapidly customizing wooden objects. The first order with this new system involves building a fire-pressed brand for kitchen furniture. The same company which placed the order for furniture also discovered to be able to use the stamps for customizing wooden platforms/pallets for transportation. It then begins to attach important documents and seals through sealing wax, always using the same stamp. Entrusting the duty to a local printing house, the company succeeds in creating fantastic business cards with an embossed logo imprinted on the card. In short, this is Style Design by simply creating a product, idealizing a concept which was so desired by all: minimum effort, maximum result. From that day on, the company believed it could take on the philosophy of savings and maximum results. A difficult marriage to match, but one that Bereluce celebrates with each processing.


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