Strass T shirt

The custom t-shirt with rhinestones is a visual communication tool. Thermo-adhesive Crystal rhinestones are placed on the fabric at a temperature of 200° and their fixing is resistant even to the strongest washings. A brand is brilliant if it really shines. Through sophisticated workmanship, BERELUCE creates PVC plates able to sustain written texts and logos with rhinestones in a very short time! With this methodology, the advantage is manually carrying out serial quantities in rapid and unquestionable precision. Indeed, the cliché determines the possibility of speeding up on painstaking workings, such as the strass composition of words, or corporate brand designs. Depending on either Logo or slogan, there is a minimum essential size for the crystal, and a minimum established size for the work. The preview graphics generally make the concept that is on the verge of being developed clear, as a delicate and attractive interpretation of the brand, which also shines. The strass t-shirt conveys visual emotion. It is hard to forget a brand which used it.


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