Sports Medals

The designer tries to relate sense of competition with good taste in shapes. The athletes, the participants, will see within the medal a study which takes them into account. A sense of belonging is developed under careful analysis of the involved sport. Those who compete to win the medal have a clear understanding of the concept: “I want the medal…I will return to Martano for the International next year”, Luca clearly states, as a newcomer in the category, “I still want this medal”. For this reason, the design drawing meets exactly what the athlete hopes for! The right reward he deserves for his effort.

The project, from design to prototyping and production, is supervised by a single operator for all phases, who knows the path from beginning to end: starting from the idea of the customer, which is always well appreciated, then the step by step preview service, to the update on the work in progress, up to the customized graphics and the project study. A medal must necessarily be conceived as if its creation were a real competition: only when it’s truly beautiful will it be ready for a first place … Custom, on-demand medals and trophies detailed by unmistakable peculiarities, anodized effects, satin chrome, bicolour, 3d&optical … these are only definitions! BERELUCE can offer extraordinary work as its aptitude for research is always active. We look for the best in every job, perfecting the technique and distributing energies gradually.


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