Printed T-shirts

Printing on T-shirts with BERELUCE really has no limits. With high definition and bright colours, the print is “no touching”, meaning that there is no external application on the fabric. Programming of the file is entrusted to expert hands which regulate tones and levels, so that the printing can take place in the maximum of its qualitative expression. Resistant to washes, Hot Stamping has no cliché costs and does not require minimum quantities, so much so that only one piece may also be printed. Details of shades or colors will not leave indifferent those who capture the promotional message through the t shirt, no photographic limit in the design.

The prints are particularly suitable for sports polyester t-shirts, where the breathable fabric welcomes the inks and keeps them interlocked through its weave, no breathable impediment between fabric and body. No touching is innovative for t shirts, urban, sports and promotional styles. As for direct printing, BERELUCE relies on big names like B&C and Fruit of the loom, while for the sports line the company considers Jooma, Kipsta, and Domyous as supports for its work.


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