Transparent plexiglass, three-dimensional retro-engraving, coloring of incisions with enamels obtained from experimental research, enamelling of the bottom in “white mother-of-pearl” with a spatula effect, is the set of processes shown for photo work. The plexiglass engraving is an expression of the sign in sublime mode. It resides where there is apparently no space, where there is no matter. And yet, a material with a sense of superlative lightness, it gives space and way to BERELUCE engraving to interact with a large action radius. The milling with tools created from time to time, determines exactly what the graphic already expresses in the design phase, as it is in fact possible to study the types of connection that the tool will travel on the material at the origin, and manage them according to required needs, generating the third dimension in engravings. For Plexigass, the external professional plaque is actually eternal.

No problems even in extreme climatic conditions, the material belongs to world leading production, and the enamels are tested with top quality guarantee. The engraved plexiglass can be colored. The engravings are not the only expression holding the exclusivity of colour, even the material can take on tones and be encased in luxury, polyacrylic enamels mixed with glass and mother-of-pearl powders provide the basis for shades which no photo can do justice to. In the experimental phase, the company has designed enamels with superlative finishes, which can simulate metals, materials of all kinds, water and mirror.


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