La Sapienza Chemistry Museum

Along the way, Bereluce began to operate in museums, developing an in/out door labeling system for structures. Engineers and architects immediately noticed the processes’s versatility compared to subordinate materials. After all, acquiring skills on certain aspects has meant that the company was able to propose specific materials with the concept of environment and theme-based processing. The experimental research was activated when the La Sapienza Chemistry Museum, at the University of Rome, contacted the company for having it as a guest during the 27th Edition of the Mostra Scientifica Tecnologica del Libro in 2009. The company carried out ad hoc workings, exhibiting in its 3 days in Rome, meeting thousands of students which became aware of Bereluce’s inscriptions. With important notions drawn from those splendid 3 days, Bereluce is now ready to target and reap the fruits of its work within the sector of sports awards, also thanks to the new metal fusion plant that the company will buy shortly thereafter.


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