Engraved Plates

Engraving is the oldest form of communication. It appears to be among the most sophisticated works in terms of visual graphic arts. An engraving is represented by what is not there! In fact, through the incision, the material is removed. It is not added as in most workings. In this case, by removing parts of the material, the usefulness of reading is obtained. An engraved plaque represents the prestigious idea of the context or event which requires it, it is a customized tribute, with the art of engraving on metal. Ad hoc shaped working tools will give effects of brightness and brilliance, on contrasting satin surfaces. Engravings with a chrome effect, shiny and captivating metal. Engravings on a plaque speak of a work which fits between technological software management, and artistic and artisan passages. An engraved plaque is a Bereluce plaque.


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