Dobok T-Shirt

The Dobok T-Shirt is certainly the most official Taekwondo shirt there is! Indeed, it takes up the essential lines of the ancient uniform, and bears a black neck like the “Black Belt”, thus accustoming the novice athlete to pursue his first dream. Breathable, and with a technical fabric, the Dobok T-shirt can be customized in large front and back formats, the print is in fact represented by a delicate inking resistant to any washing, able to penetrate into the fabric weft, and not cause any touch distress. No touch, therefore, is the personalization system, with no limits in terms of application, technique, colours, textures or shades. Everything can be faithfully reproduced on the fabric, without noticing its thickness. The taekwondo T-shirt is used during summer training, as well as during the representative events. It is elegant, innovative and perfect like never before when matched with dobok trousers. The compromise in terms of quality and price, is studied and achieved within the BERELUCE laboratory, which continuously designs and creates absolute novelties in the sports sector.


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