Custom T Shirts

The “hot stamping” t shirt is a BERELUCE t shirt. Whether it’s a trivial thermo-adhesive print, or a sophisticated rhinestone application on fabric, the company considers great brands like B&C and Fruit of the loom, for its processing supports. The models, widely available and browsable in the catalog, indeed become vehicles for the Company Brand, which can only be spoiled for choice about the interpretation to be taken, indeed, it can range from heat-sealable adhesive printing, always traditional and advantageous on small to medium quantities, to the extraordinary photographic airbrushing which the company machines are able to develop.

In fact, no limit in colours or steps between them prevents a BERELUCE t shirt from going unnoticed. A classic example is given by the very recent “urban style” model, the t-shirt with composite cuts on the fabric, designed and produced, and which conquered the Salento nightlife within a summer, thanks to the simultaneous originality and simplicity of shapes and colors.

Strass Application, the shining brand! It’s not just a way of thinking when there’s the idea of making your Brand shine … A Brand, a brilliant logo. With BERELUCE one may also access this window, as thanks to the vector graphic design, it is possible to configure a “mold” capable of producing “Strass Applications” in series of texts, words, slogans, names, but most importantly Logos. Particularly attractive, the workmanship is meticulous and careful; brilliant and superlative, it becomes its own, shiny interpretation.


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