Custom Mug

The key element for gadgets is given by the proportion according to which the cheaper they are, the more they move away from the true essence of the brand that they intend to promote. And yet, thanks to the experimental research study conducted by the company, it was possible to create extremely innovative gadgets and keep up with times. The graphic design, the prototype construction, and the multiplication in molds made it possible to reach qualitatively excellent products in an economic way.
The numerous experimental researches conducted by the company have borne fruit. In 2007, BERELUCE, together with the La Sapienza Chemistry Museum, University of Rome, presented La Lastra Artistica, a support on which to engrave based on the occasion, embellished with delightful marble interpretations, obtained from chemical attachments on the slabs, which are artistically controlled. Thanks to these plates, exported to Hong Kong and Central America, it was possible to conceptualize a model of key holder which is particularly innovative and economical! Hundreds of companies in Italy and abroad have joined the event, and brought with them the renewed idea about promotional gadgets.


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