Custom Medals


When a Medal is desired, the sense of competition levels up, and will tend to want to conquer it. The sense of belonging is what the medal brings with it through its drawings, expressed between engravings and reliefs; the design drawing is conceived hand in hand with the mold’s prototyping, therefore, following that, any graphic sign present in the preview can be implemented. The Bereluce medal does not really have expressive or interpretative limits, in fact, it can employ the Chimicart experimental laboratory, present within the company, where all materials can be used, for creating a medal of prestige. Effects, finishes, colours, all elaborated according to artistic and innovative keys, capable of symbolizing in the sign all the athlete’s sports and ethical philosophy. He simply won’t be able to renounce it, and therefore, while competing to win, he’ll make the effort to improve, by cultivating the idea of being a winner. The medal can bring to the surface elaborate finishes, such as the satin finish or the metallic effect. Polished chrome or two-tone opaque, the variants are inconmensurable.


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