Catalogue Medals

The classic line of the Bereluce medal is always innovative. Although the standardized models don’t show exclusive signs on the metal structure, it is not certain that a catalog medal is less valuable. It is always a Bereluce catalog, therefore the completion also includes a significant and very wide customization in this product. 5 and 7cm in diameter are the available sizes with which it is possible to sort spaces for Logos, images, backgrounds, texts, and certainly lots of creativity. The medal can be expressed as a finish in addition to the classic gold, silver and bronze, even antiqued black, two-tone, special enamels. The space available for customization is 2.5cm for the 5cm in diameter medal, while for the 7cm diameter medal, the available space is 5cm. There are two printing solutions: on adhesive PVC and on metal disk.

PVC: economic-medium-long implementation times – excellent image rendering

Aluminum Disc: prestigious-immediate timing-top quality realization


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