Brass Stamps

The brass stamp is a particular classic tool of business to business (b2B), it adapts to multiple uses and is particularly dynamic and versatile compared to many market segments. A brass stamp is dry, it can be used simultaneously for the mass customization of different work categories.

As a customized seal, the sealing wax stamp is a traditional as well as a rather elegant method of personalization and signature. For letters and important documents, the sealing wax seal can be customized through engravings and reliefs that run on brass, which adapted to a heating system, can also mass reproduce: initials, common or family symbols, company logos, symbols of the nation, in short, no limits for available spaces. Starting from a diameter of 2.5 cm up to 5 cm, they are all equipped with handle in ennobled wood.

The fire-pressed brand, a practical and fast system which allows you to adapt the stamp to an electric heater or simply to a gas torch. In wood it finds its maximum application, and is used for the customization of frames, doors, windows, transport platforms, details in general. The burnished engraving is embellished with crafted shades and pastel colours.


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