Aluminum Business Card

The Aluminum Business Card is certainly an unprecedented innovative advertising system. It is so delicate and resistant at the same time, that it captures attention in an instant, quickly standing out through the metallic luster. The highest quality printing is performed in the oven, and the result does not include limits in colours, shades, photographic effects. Its consistency, however, expressed in very few microns of thickness, travels through the metallic sound that the ticket produces! In fact, the Business Card strikes and pleasantly stimulates more senses in the one who receives it. The touch is undoubtedly another sense which remains remarkably attracted to a ticket that adapts to outside temperatures, and becomes particularly hot in summer and cold in winter. A Business Card worthy of those who intend to promote themselves in an exclusive and elegant manner; with no cliché and no minimum order, it is accessible especially for small and medium quantities with very rapid production times. It is possible to recreate any photographic effect or texture, without any limit in the design development. We interpret any photographic or texture effect, no limit in design development, it is possible to interpret any concept without departing from it, for reasons of hue or chromatic ranges.


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